Scan to PLAN

Point cloud survey solutions from the air,

the ground and underwater.

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Scan to PLAN offers a bespoke service to business, institutional and private clients providing digital surveys of buildings and landscapes.  Using laser scanning and other new digital technologies, a three dimensional point cloud is generated from which a wide variety of client deliverables can be achieved.  Three-dimensional technology such as this forms the core of a long term building information management system (BIM).



The business specialises in the four sectors below.


Recording the



Analysing the Present


Managing the Future

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Civil & Structural Engineering


Scan to PLAN has undertaken many architectural surveys ranging from major quinquennial surveys to building elevation surveys and surveys used in the structural analysis of buildings.


We work with the Architect to ensure that we give them the information they need to progress their projects.

Working with a UAV company we can combine terrestrial and aerial point cloud survey data.  Digital surface models can be created with topographical and environmental information extracted.  


We also have links to an underwater survey company that can provide us with bathymetric point cloud data.

Laser scan data capture is a very quick, accurate and easy way of capturing vast amounts of survey data.


The 3d point cloud model that is created not only forms the

core of BIM systems but can be the starting point for ‘as built’ drawings for the H&S file under CDM.

Scan to PLAN has worked in many historic environments capturing data from the air, (hillforts and coastlines for example) and laser scanning on the ground at Neolithic, Roman and Medieval sites.


Scan to PLAN    Killams Green     Taunton     Somerset     TA1 3YQ     United Kingdom     Phone: 07712616056     Email: admin@scantoplan.co.uk

Point cloud survey solutions from the air, the ground and underwater.

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